Android Push Alert Fixes, a how to guide

Android apps are being built with a piece missing.

The below steps are the final part of the app construction, which allows push alerts to be sent to Android apps. (Eventually this process will be built into AMAPS, but until then these steps will be undertaken manually by the team with access to AMAPS.)

This step-by-step process can be done once the app is already in Google Play, and does not require a resubmission. Still, it is best to take these actions during the build stage whenever possible.


  1. Identify the app: name & ID number
    (This information is found in the admin portal)

  2. Open SQL Server
    - located in “Developer Square” in the Melbourne office
    - access a dev computer
    - open ‘Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18’

  3. Login to the Production Server and ‘connect’
    (NOTE: not the test server)

  4. “If nothing pops up, you’re ok” Trung, 2020

  5. Select ‘databases’ from the side menu, then right-click on ‘Appswiz’ and select ‘New Query’

  6. In the large window, enter the following script:
    Select * from Applications where ApplicationId = ____________ ← app ID from step 1 goes here

  7. App profile should appear in the window below
    (if nothing appears you may be in the wrong database or your script is wrong).
    Scroll all the way to the end to find the “GcmKey
    (The GcmKey should say “null” - this is what we’re going to fix!)

    *cheat note* replace * with the item you’re looking for (e.g. GcmKey) in the original script to go straight to that item in the app’s profile

  8. Update app listing on SQL database by adding the GcmKey (Google Cloud Messaging Key). This is done by using the following script:
    Update Applications set GcmKey = 'AAAASHdNedc:APA91bGAZ8lVzZtuJgpOW5lEuXMSts7CKY0Je2g_ii3cJzCSSyAe4NAQ_DoqAW4D1sywJrM3OwcUO6v4Kmx5q0KC5HmOO4JGtZEvj7jOmNmaomI3kFra3rkdpwFce3ZmGp8K5dX8JDwY' where ApplicationID = ____________ ← app ID from step 1 goes here


  10. L1 support to test and confirm that Android app is complete again (i.e. fixed)