How to setup your own Apple Developer Account

Apple's App Store Review Guidelines require all mobile applications to be submitted under its own iTunes Apple Developer Account (App Store Review Guideline 4.2.6). Although this makes the process of getting an app a bit more complicated than we'd like, we at My Mobile App are here to help every step of the way.

DISCLAIMER: We work with Apple on your behalf to get your app published in the App Store; however, we cannot guarantee that your app will be accepted by Apple as approval is ultimately at Apple's sole discretion.


Please note there is a USD$99 annual registration fee for your Apple Developer Account. This is a direct payment to Apple.


  1. The first thing you need to do is to enrol as an Apple developer


You need to enroll as an organization. Apple instructs that the name of your business/organization and the name of your app must be similar

i.e. the Apple review team must be able to see that the app is for your business by looking at your app name. If your app name is not similar to your business/organization name please contact us and we'll help you to rectify this. Alternatively, please provide supporting documentation showing your ownership of your brand.

You will also need a D-U-N-S number. Follow the link on their site above to learn more.

When you are ready click Start Your Enrollment.


  1. When you are ready click Start Your Enrollment.



  2. On the next page you will need to create an Apple ID.
    You may already have one if you own an Apple device, however we recommend creating one specifically for your app using an email address associated with your business/organisation.




3. (Creating a new account) To create a new account, fill in the form as instructed.



Apple will email you code for verification purposes, which you will need to action in order to continue


4. Once your account is successfully created you can log in. You'll be greeted by the Apple Developer License Agreement which you must accept before continuing.




Upon accepting this agreement you will be logged into your developer account.


5. You may now be presented with a screen asking you to update your Apple ID  to enable Two-Factor Authentication. Follow the instructions below to enable this.



6. You can now join the Apple Developer Program. Click on the Join the Apple Developer Program to get started.



7.When you are ready click on the What's Included button at the bottom of the page.


8. You will be taken to a page entitled Program Membership Details. Feel free to read through this technical information if it interests you, and when read click on the See How It Works button at the bottom.

9. How the Program Works discusses more about how you use the Apple developer services. Again, have a read, and when you are ready click on the Enrol Now button on the bottom.

10. Now you'll appear to be back at Step 1 above.
Not to worry, you don't need to re-do it all!
Click on the Start your Enrollment button again.

11. Under Entity Type Select Company/Organisation (unless you have clear reason to choose otherwise - please contact Support to discuss if wishing to choose other).



When you choose the Company/Organisation you'll get this notice that you should read carefully:



12. Please read this next page carefully and fill in the details as prompted.

Important: your app name must reflect your business name.
From Apple: To be in compliance, the app must be published under a seller name and company name that reflects your app name.

If your app name does not reflect the business name then we can change your app name for you at our end so that they match. Please contact Support to discuss the matter.


Once you have completed this page you will be prompted for payment.

Apple currently charge USD$99 per annum (prices vary in different currencies) to be a part of their program. They will remind you when you need to renew.


Apple will then verify the details you have submitted.

Should additional information be required, Apple will contact you and inform you what is required. Please contact our Support team should you require assistance here.

Assuming all is well (as it should be!) Apple will contact you to confirm your account is set up and ready to go.