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Premium My Mobile App customers need to have their app's menu configured before it can be submitted to the Apple App Store.


To configure this menu follow these instructions: 

  1. Login to admin portal;

  2. Do you see a column app name? under app name - search for "[your app name]" by pressing the inverted triangle followed by filter after entering the name. You can also search by AppId.

  3. When the app appears click on the Dashboard link. This will open the MMA Dashboard and load the client's app.

  4. Click on App Menu link in the top menu.

  5. Menu items are used in the app as tiles or as a list of clickable links. The maximum number of tiles is 6 so make sure you have at least 6 menu items. Only the first 6 will appear as tiles. There also some native menu items there which cannot be deleted. For example ( Direction, contact us, alerts and notes).

  6. You can add new ones here as well as drag them up and down depending on which order you want them to appear in the app. You should always put the best features at the top as this will help with Apple reviews.

  7. Some menu items will import automatically (i.e. Shopify) this is not possible for Wix or Appswiz Direct customers.

  8. If you need to add more go back to the Dashboard and navigate to their website using the Link provided at the end of the row. You should then add a new menu item for each page they have (unless that page should not be in the app i.e. a contact page (the native app handles this).

  9. When adding a new one you need to:

    1. enter the URL with either http:// or https:// at the front;

    2. Use the same title as in the website (unless there is a word like Online as in Book Online. This should just be Book as it doesn't make sense in an app context to use the word Online as well). Also, make sure you keep the language the same as the original. Do not translate it. 

    3. Choose a valid icon from the list. Use common sense here.

    4. If the link takes donations (i.e. a charity app). Ensure you check the External Link checkbox.

    5. Finally, if you need to hide a menu item check the relevant checkbox as well.

  10. If it is a single page site you will need to contact the customer to see if they can provide more links.

  11. The menu will save by itself at each step.